Living the High Life: Uncovering the Secrets of Luxury Real Estate in Northern Bergen County

Living the High Life: Uncovering the Secrets of Luxury Real Estate in Northern Bergen County

Northern Bergen County is considered one of the best suburbs to live in New Jersey, being about 30 miles from New York City and all its amenities. With many acres of parks and several world-class golf courses, Northern Bergen has much to offer. Its many art centers, museums, and historical walking tours are must-see attractions. And the more you look into Northern Bergen County’s constituent towns, the more exciting options you’ll find.

Over the last year, the real estate market has faced complexities as inventory remains low. Luxury housing markets, defined as the top 10% of any market, face adversity differently. Courtesy of trusted real estate agent Ana Moniz, here are some insights on luxury real estate in Northern Bergen County.

Buyer insights

Patience and opportunity are the watchwords in luxury real estate throughout Northern Bergen County. Here are some of Ana’s top insights on buying luxury homes in the area.

Know the market and the area, and be patient

Educating yourself on the process is vital when searching for luxury homes. Generally, you can make clearer decisions when you know what to expect. Working with an expert real estate agent, it’s easy to match your priorities with specific houses on the market. Exploring luxury real estate is much more enjoyable when you know what you’re looking for.

Bergen County luxury market details

As of August 2023, Ana Moniz had access to nearly 3,000 luxury properties listed throughout Bergen County. Of those, about half are single-family residences. Of the 1,647 single-family homes, 537 are listed at $1 million and above. Recall that the luxury tier is the top 10% of area homes; by that metric, luxury real estate in Bergen County starts at about $2.25 million.

The luxury market is smaller than the typical real estate market, which can mean it's a bit more competitive, but you should take your time buying the first house you see. If you rush, you could end up with buyer's remorse, so take your time exploring the homes for sale in Northern Bergen.

Property snapshot: 155 Chestnut Ridge Road

Of the luxury homes in Northern Bergen County, many are clustered in Saddle River between the Garden State Parkway and I-17. A great example is the majestic English Manor at 155 Chestnut Ridge Road. This Saddle River gem is situated on a large lot of nearly five acres with many beautiful trees. The house has eight bedrooms, high ceilings, and hardwood floors throughout. Crucially, it also needs significant updating — the roof, windows, bathrooms, and kitchen all need to be replaced or renovated. Northern Bergen County has many unique properties that may or may not suit your preferences. As we will see, the best way to find the best fit is by working with the best agent.

Get the whole picture

While it's common for luxury agents to use high-quality photographs and top-of-the-line videos to help potential buyers get a feel for the home they're looking into, nothing beats seeing the home in person. For example, if you love historic homes and may be willing to renovate 155 Chestnut Ridge Road, you should see the English Manor in person. That would give you visuals and a clear picture of the scope of repairs needed.

Don't assume you don't need an inspection

A buyer's inspection is always a good idea, even if you’re looking to buy a brand-new home. Luxury homes have a lot of pieces to them, and even minor issues must be addressed. A thorough home inspection can give you leverage in negotiations and prevent headaches later. An inspector can uncover problems that aren’t obvious — for example, if you’re buying in the summer, you might not notice that the house loses heat in cold New Jersey winters.

Consider the future of the area

Buying a luxury home is an investment. Therefore, it's important to consider the future of the area. A local agent like Ana Moniz can clue you in on the prospects of any given town within Northern Bergen County. For example, if you’re considering Saddle River, you may want to scrutinize relevant data on the town’s population, households, employment, and schools. With your agent, you could then compare Saddle River with nearby residential areas like Hohokus, Ridgewood, and Upper Saddle River.

Seller secrets

If you’re looking to sell a valuable home in Northern Bergen County, you’re in excellent company. Towns throughout Bergen County are appealing destinations for a wide range of luxury buyers. With the right help, you’ll navigate the selling process with minimum stress and maximum profit.

Tell your story

Many luxury buyers are looking for the story of the home; they want to feel connected to the property. Bergen County is filled with historic homes and houses that have been in the same family for generations. As a seller, if you have a property like that, you can easily connect with potential buyers looking to raise a family or settle down in a house with a large lawn. Experienced real estate agents like Ana Moniz have a way of finding the best narrative for each home.

Invite only

Open houses are a great way to bring in prospective buyers, but with luxury real estate, it is a good idea to do an invite-only open house. This will help to wean out anyone who has no intention of putting in an offer. You'll be able to attract the kind of potential buyers you're looking for. You could do a mix between conventional open houses and invite-only shows. Consult your real estate agent on the best path forward.


Do not underestimate the importance of staging your home. About 80% of agents reported that bringing buyers to a house that was staged helped them to be able to better visualize themselves living there. Additionally, real estate agents found that when a home was staged, their clients could get a 1% to 5% increase in the buyer's offer for the home.

The luxury real estate agent you need

Buying a home or selling your house goes much smoother with an experienced local real estate agent by your side. One that specializes in luxury real estate is even better.

Ana Moniz has over 20 years of experience with luxury real estate and utilizing innovative marketing strategies. She is the recipient of the International President's Elite Award for Excellence, among many other accolades.

Ana strives to create a personal and customizable approach for each of her clients and brings honesty, integrity, hard work, and perseverance to the table. Whether you're buying a home or selling one, Ana Moniz is the best choice to help you navigate the Northern Bergen County luxury real estate life. Contact Ana today!

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